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Friday, August 19, 2011

Time for a gagglefuck!

So, it seems gaijins in Japan have an insanely magnetic quality. It's not like at home where you need to know someone before you hang out with them - otherwise that's just weird - here, just being a gaijin is enough to break down the "but-I-don't-know-you" barrier. Hence why we all ended up at this random Brazilian chick's birthday last night. I'd never met her before, and nor had at least half of the attendees, it seemed, but she was a gaijin so that was enough! It's great because it means it's so much easier to meet new people - by the end of the night I knew "random Brazilian chick" was a really cool girl called Karin, who we've said we'll meet up with again soon! Chelsea coigned the term "gagglefuck" as an incorrect replacement for some American slang I'd never heard of, and it's now become a term for any big gathering of people we're at. I'm finding that the way I talk is slowly being polluted with these hilarious foreign phrases - my favourite at the moment is "peace out". It's one the Canadians use a lot to just mean, "let's go". Love it.

So I'm off to Hiroshima this weekend to stay with Tom! Bit of a last minute panic when my supervisor text me this morning telling me I can't withdraw any money from my bank account without my card (which I haven't been sent yet). Luckily, Elayna's stepped up to the mark and said she's willing to cover me until I get back to Ainan. WHAT A HERO. Without her, not only would I not have been able to eat for the coming week, but, more importantly, I wouldn't've been able to afford the ferry to Hiroshima! Phew!

Peace out.

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