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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cheers for our wonderful life!! [Hanging with the locals].

Saturday morning and I'm in the familiar position of being an inappropriately hungover mess (I realise my blog posts are starting to read like the lyrics to a Ke$ha album...). Last night, I went out drinking with some new friends! Seven ladies, and seven men, to be precise! We tabbi- and nommi-hodai'd the night away, and then afterwards I invited everyone back to my house for the nijikai (after party)!

I'd be lying if I said I knew what happened next. All I do know is that I woke up this morning at 6AM, on my bedroom floor, wearing my Rilakkumma onesie, with the Britney banging on full volume in the living room (I'm amazed I managed to sleep through it!). I really don't remember saying goodbye to my guests... I hope I didn't pass out while they were still here, but, degradingly, I think I must have! WHOOPS. Not exactly a great first impression, but my new friends were SUPER fun so I hope I haven't scared them off with my over-the-top-ness! A text I got this morning reassures me I haven't:

"Good morning, JIM!! I'm MEG RYAN :-) Do you memorize me? Last night was very very very fan!! Thank you very much for inviting us for out (=your room) !! I've forgotten that word... sorry... :P Next time!! Let's singing Sclub7's songs together!! Cheers for our wonderful life!! Have a nice day!"


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