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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I think I'm ready for my close-up.

So there's been a strange trend to the past two days... the trend of having students DRAW MY FACE.

First of all, after school on Wednesday, I decided to pop along to art club to see what was going down... and ended up getting my portrait painted by one of the students! I felt kind of self-conscious sitting there as she sketched and painted away (rigidly watching the kids play baseball outside the window to avoid awkward eye contact) ... but the end result was awesome, so it was all worth it!

Then, today, my smallest elementary school (Sozu, which has just 16 students in total) threw me a belated welcome-ceremony. After the obligatory introductory speeches which I smiled cluelessly through, the students and teachers got together to do their best sketches of my face. An interesting choice of game to welcome me with! What's more, if you thought having one student study your face was unsettling enough, try having 20 people all stare at you and sketch away for 10 minutes solid. Jokes.

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